Jobs can often be completed same-day.

Re-balance Drive Shafts

If you're experiencing a vibration that you think may be coming from your drive shaft, we can check it for straightness and re-balance the drive shaft if necessary.

Lengthen/Shorten/Retube Drive Shafts

We do basically any repairs or alterations you'll need to a drive shaft, including replacing broken or damaged yokes.

Wheel Bearings/Seals

We press out old bearings and press in new bearings, whether the bearing is from our wide selection or supplied to us.

Front and Rear Axles/Boots

We carry a large selection of refurbished booted axles and new rear axle shafts, as well as any type of axle boot that you could need.  Bring the axle in and we will put the boot(s) on the axle at no extra charge.  Boots range in price from $19-$25.

Press Universal Joints

Our shelves are filled with over a hundred different styles of universal joints and we will press the universal joints at no additional charge.

Carrier Bearings

We carry a large selection of carrier bearings and will cut off your old bearing and press on the new one at no additional charge.

PTO Drive Shafts/ Agricultural Drive Shafts

We carry Power Take-Off U-Joints, Yokes, and Tubing and can repair your old shaft or make a replacement if it is beyond repair.