Are you a manufacturer of industrial or drilling machinery?  Drive Line Service of Pittsburgh delivers drive shaft assembly batches of any quantity from your company's custom designs.  Our 80 years of in-house experience is also available to help in the design process.  We strive to keep costs low while maintaining a high level of quality and a strength tailored toward the application of the assembly.  As always, time and turnaround are concerns we share and we will do what it takes to hit your company's production timetable.  (We ship to anywhere in the US.)

For Quotes or Questions, fill out the form below or call us at 412-784-1991 and ask for Tom Rodgers, VP of Sales, or Art Rodgers, Operations Director.  You can also send your designs to for a quick response.  

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Has a drive shaft assembly become a cog in your machine?  Drive Line Service of Pittsburgh repairs any part of the assembly, from the smallest universal joint, to a busted tube yoke, all the way to a brand new replica assembly.  Even if you just suspect the drive shaft assembly may be causing problems or it's simply time for some pro-active maintenance, we can re-balance it and diagnose any other potential issues.   We understand the problems a down machine can cause and will turn-around your job as quickly as possible.