Important: All front drive shafts are priced for exchange, meaning your old drive shaft must be traded in as part of the deal.  If you don't have an old drive shaft, there will be an $80 core charge added to the exchange price.  (Note: We will accept your old drive shaft in any condition; even if it's in pieces, send us all the pieces.)

Our front drive shafts are sorted first by make and then by style, rather than model.  Manufacturers used different styles and, particularly, different lengths on front shafts in many of their models over the same year depending of things ranging from engine and transmission to wheel base.  For this reason the best way we can confidently get you the right shaft is to take orders by style and length.  Click on the right make below, then use the pictures to select the correct style of your old shaft.  Most styles have been used for several different models over the years.  If you have any questions along the way, please contact us at or 412-784-1991.  Or, if your drive shaft is either damaged beyond recognition, the style doesn't seem to match what we have listed, or you don't have your old shaft, contact us.  Send whatever information you can (year, make, model, engine, transmission, etc.) or even a picture of your old drive shaft and likely we'll be able to figure it out.  As always, if you're in the Pittsburgh area, feel free to just stop by.